Medi Hangover Mild

Mild hangover symptoms
IV Infusion

Indications: Recommended for adult patients for the treatment of mild hangover symptoms, associated with dehydration and / or minor headache, due to excess alcohol consumption. Also beneficial in cases of severe dehydration due to surfing and other athletic events that have caused severe dehydration.


Symptoms: Minor tiredness, dehydration, hot urine, dark urine, headache, disorientation.


Prescription: Administered via IV Infusion, only after Doctors or Nurse Practitioners have examined the patient and have determined effectiveness and dose.

Rp. 545.000

Actions: Faster acting when given by IV, thus allowing rapid replenishment of salt and fluids in prevention of alcohol toxicity due to the effects of dehydration and excess alcohol poisoning.


Cautions: In the event of more severe symptoms, such as vomiting, disorientation, alcohol poisoning, consider the Medi Hangover Severe Symptoms Infusion set. Do not take with Vitamin C, other vitamins, or  Vita-IV infusions during the IV session.

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