Piracetam IV Supplement is a nootropic used by millions of individuals around the world. Piracetam reviews report a range of beneficial effects, such as improving learning ability and memory, boosting focus and concentration, and improving mood and motivation levels. It increases activity between neurons, by simply increasing uptake of glucose and oxygen into the brain and nervous system. This results in an increased mental energy and alertness. Given to students, executives, and seniors, anyone in need of increased mental and neural activity. IV injection is of much quicker and stronger response than oral supplementation, especially valuable for first time users.

Here are the main themes from online user reviews of Piracetam:

Better Access to Stored Memories: Piracetam’s most famous effects relate to memory. Users report being able to recall images, names, and experiences with fine minute detail. Many comment upon the sudden recall of long-lost childhood memories.

Eliminating Mental Fog: Piracetam is frequently used in an office or school-type setting among individuals who report experiencing brain fog. Mental lethargy is reduced, allowing for more productivity and better communication with others.

Mood: Heightened motivation is another benefit. Individuals have reported an increase in their energy, both mental and physical. Improvements in brain circulation may also lessen depression and brighten mood. And Piracetam may lessen symptoms of general anxiety disorder, social anxiety, and sleep disorders.

Vivid dreams: While it does not produce lucid dreaming states to the same degree as Huperzine A or Galantamine, taking dosages later in the day does appear to result in very crisp, detailed, life-like dreams for many users. One user compared Piracetam dreams to starring in a very exciting movie.

Oxygenation: Oxygen utilization in the brain is increased following Piracetam administration. This has a number of practical applications like reducing fatigue and increasing attention span. It is also thought to prevent damage to the neurons due to cerebrovascular insufficiency. It may even be helpful in treating alcoholism.

Piracetam and the Aging Brain: Many of the most dramatic benefits of Piracetam can be found when used by people suffering from cognitive degeneration. In general use, it can improve memory, reasoning ability, and concentration. Short-term working memory and overall slowing of cognitive decline is widely reported by older patients. Piracetam has also ameliorated symptoms of Parkinson’s disease and improved psychological and neurological symptoms of dementia in a double-blind trial.

Within a broad range of standard doses, Piracetam is non-toxic to the body. As it is water soluble, the body simply discards of any excess amounts by flushing it out through the urinary tract. This make it very difficult to overdose. No cases of serious harmful effects have ever been reported due to an overdose of Piracetam. According to user experiences, Piracetam is generally considered very well tolerated. There are few side effects reported, with less than 10 percent of users having any kind of negative reaction.

There are a few notable negative drug interactions which warrant caution, and should never be taken while intoxicated or under the influence of illicit narcotics. These include alcohol, amphetamines, and blood thinners. Otherwise, Piracetam is safe to combine with most nutrient, vitamins and nootropic cognitive enhancement supplements.

Non-toxic, and safe for daily use, Piracetam makes an excellent basis for any nootropic supplement program. It is considered the best nootropic for beginners to use. It has a history of tested and proven results for the improvement of memory and fighting cognitive decline. Through good circulation and stimulation of neural communication, it encourages healthy brain function well into old age.

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