Vita Fitness

Inflammation, Sore Muscle & Injury IV Infusion

Recover from inflammation, sore muscles, and injury with anti-inflammatory L-Carnitine, vitamin C, magnesium, and electrolytes. Allows muscles to relax and speed proper healing.


Designed for both pre and post-workout, Vita Fitness helps quickly neutralize acids and reduce pain, while re-hydrating and relaxing not just muscle, but also joints, nerves, skin, and even eyes. Re-hydration with electrolyte salts, just like in sports drinks, magnesium to slowly relax the entire body (a trace mineral usually deficient in food). The most impressive benefits of L-Carnitine include improved heart health, brain function, more rapid body building, and most significantly, desired weight loss, among others. L-Carnitine helps transport fatty acid to mitochondria where they are subsequently converted into energy. This means fat becomes more difficult to accumulate in the body for a few days.


Get pumped with 100% nutrient absorption. Vita Fitness is perfect for professional and amateur athletes because it’s a balanced combination of vitamins and minerals in fully absorbable IV electrolytes hydration, to aid in rapid healing, diminish soreness, and increase energy. It’s all about quick and effective recovery, and retention of hard-fought gains. Enables sound sleep and prepares the athlete for the next even stronger round. Sport & fitness activities such as a marathon, triathlon, or Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) /cross-fit training, and more generate lactic acid build up and deplete hydration. Vita Fitness IV therapy also delivers mineral salts, antioxidants, and electrolytes to detoxify and re-energize after exercise or general fatigue.

Vita Fitness

The Vita Fitness infusion, with our oral supplements, is specifically formulated for the athletic and active lifestyle. Most athletes tend to work hard and train harder leaving little time for recovery. Even with a great diet and oral supplement regimen we see poor reduction of  radical oxidative species (ROS). Those who appear the fittest on the outside tend compromised regarding antioxidant reduction pathways. This is related to their lifestyle of ‘work hard/train harder’ which creates abundant radical oxidation in cells, often more then the body can effectively neutralize. Vita Fitness helps to quickly alleviate ROS. Full rest and hydration after workout is equally important with body building. 


  • Restores hydration
  • Re-balances body salts
  • Flushes lactic acid
  • Detoxification
  • Optimal athletic performance
  • Recovery from exhausting activity
  • Reduces non-beneficial inflammation

Rp. 977.000

1 gram / 1000 mg of Vitamin C

Rp. 1.012.000

3 grams / 3000 mg of Vitamin C

This infusion is designed for low-grade ailments only. If suffering from a more serious or longer-term illness or discomfort, may we suggest you consider Level 2 Diagnosis and Therapy. Direct intervention, with deep analysis by our medical professionals, may prove the better, long-term solution. If suffering from long-term kidney or urinary tract infection, please consult your doctor or IDB staff before proceeding with this therapy.


On very rare occasion, some people, when first receiving intravenous infusions, have experienced the so-called Herxheimer Effect, a result of infusions very efficiently neutralizing pathogens and occasionally stimulating immunities too fast for the body to dispose toxins through normal elimination channels. This forces the body to utilize the secondary eliminative organs: lungs, sinuses, skin, and more. Experiences that may feel like a slight cold or the flu, loose bowels, shivers, etc. The skin may eliminate stored toxins, perhaps producing minor, temporary skin eruptions – all part of elimination of toxins that cause premature aging and skin problems, and are considered beneficial reactions, in that the immune system has been activated, and is working to heal from pathogens and toxins.

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