Vita Brain

Brain & Nerve Booster
IV Infusion

Vita Brain IV Infusion is an effective alternative brain-enhancing, nerve-building, memory-boosting Nootropics infusion. We add Piracetam, and Carnitine which cause the brain and nervous system to uptake more glucose and oxygen. This unbeatable combination has proven beneficial for improving memory, speeding thought process, lessening the effects of brain aging diseases, improving vitality and energy.


Piracetam more specifically facilitates learning and memory, particularly to prevent the cognitive deficits associated with dementia. Piracetam is given to students and executives desiring increased memory and mental power. Seniors with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s greatly benefit from increased oxygen and glucose uptake provided by these infusions.


The most impressive benefits of L-carnitine include improved heart health, brain function, more rapid body building, and desired weight loss, among others. It helps transport fatty acids to mitochondria where they are subsequently converted into energy. L-carnitine is synthesized in the body from the amino acids lysine and methionine. It’s this amino acid that fuels energy production in cells and supports nerve function.


1-3 grams of vitamin C, when taken via IV, causes the body to produce glutathione and collagen, the necessary building blocks of skin, bones, tendons and most importantly the nervous system. The body loses the ability to produce these at about 1-2% per year of age. Vitamin C stimulates the body to once again produce glutathione and collagen, while greatly increasing the effects of all other Vita Brain ingredients. Effects are subtle but immediately noticeable. 

Vita Brain

Rp. 1.109.000

1 gram / 1000 mg of Vitamin C

Rp. 1.144.000

3 grams / 3000 mg of Vitamin C

This infusion is designed for low-grade ailments only. If suffering from a more serious or longer-term illness or discomfort, may we suggest you consider Level 2 Diagnosis and Therapy. Direct intervention, with deep analysis by our medical professionals, may prove the better, long-term solution. If suffering from long-term kidney or urinary tract infection, please consult your doctor or IDB staff before proceeding with this therapy.


On very rare occasion, some people, when first receiving intravenous infusions, have experienced the so-called Herxheimer Effect, a result of infusions very efficiently neutralizing pathogens and occasionally stimulating immunities too fast for the body to dispose toxins through normal elimination channels. This forces the body to utilize the secondary eliminative organs: lungs, sinuses, skin, and more. Experiences that may feel like a slight cold or the flu, loose bowels, shivers, etc. The skin may eliminate stored toxins, perhaps producing minor, temporary skin eruptions – all part of elimination of toxins that cause premature aging and skin problems, and are considered beneficial reactions, in that the immune system has been activated, and is working to heal from pathogens and toxins.

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